The SDMHA one of the member organizations of the Pacific Coast Amateur Hockey Association (PCAHA). The PCAHA is the second biggest hockey association in Canada, and is responsible for coordinating and administering interlock play amongst its 40+ member hockey organizations in the Lower Mainland of BC.

TeamLink is the central information source for the PCAHA providing scheduling information, standings and policy updates to hockey administrators and volunteers in its member associations.

Except for a couple of staff the PCAHA is a volunteer-driven organization staffed by volunteers from its respective associations.

Season Schedule

The season schedule runs from approximately the first week of October through to the second week of March ending before March break.

The interlock season is typically comprised of a 20 game schedule adjusted after each segment in order to foster balanced competition amongst participating teams. The following segments are best viewed as a funnel that drives increasing balanced competition over the course of the season.

Pre-Season ‘Tiering’ Games – 5

Regular Season Games – 10

Round Robin Playoffs – 5