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Everyone on the roster must complete the Respect in Sport “Coach” version, not “Parent” version.

Respect in Sport is designed as a tool to assist in identifying and dealing with abuse, neglect, harassment and bullying in sport.  The on-line course curriculum is broken into six (6), 30 minute modules and includes audio/visual presentations, quizzes and printable handouts.

CLICK HERE for more information about RIS.



HCSP (Safety Managers)

Hockey Canada Safety Person clinic, to be completed either online or in person.  SDMHA asks that you have 2 HCSP ‘people’ per team to ensure that one is always available to the team.


All HCSP clinics are now available ONLY as an on-line E-Learning course.  Face to face HCSP clinics are no longer offered by BC Hockey.

  • On-line payment will be required to complete the registration process and entre the E-Learning modules.  The clinic is called HU-Safety.
  • The entire HCSP curriculum is on-line including 18 modules of one minute to 18 minutes in duration.  The total estimated completion time is 3.5 to 4.0 hours.
  • The delegates' HCR record is updated immediately upon completion of the course
  • Once a delegate has completed the E-Learning course they have access to the course contents and handout material for five (5) years

More information on Hockey Canada Safety Programs

DMHA reimburses our team staff for all required clinics that are completed. Coaching clinics must have the “post tasks” accepted by Hockey Canada.  SDMHA reviews your HC Profile before payment is made to ensure you have been given credit for the clinic. Scan your receipts to for reimbursement.