‘New to Hockey’ (NTH) Program

The SDMHA welcomes all kids interested in learning the game of hockey. The NTH program is designed for those participants,  from Hockey 3 through to the Peewee division, who have never played hockey, or may have never skated before. The goal of this program is to allow new players to develop the skills necessary to play and contribute within their own age group. Players will be taught the basic fundamentals of the game to help them get up to speed prior to joining their teams in their relevant age groups.  Players will register and pay in their appropriate divsion and then be assigned to the ‘New to Hockey’ program. There is no extra charge for this program and it will run twice a week under the auspices of Coach Coordinator Lawson ‘Boots’ Boutilier.


Please contact info@southdelthockey.com for further registration and details.