SDMHA Risk Manager Required for 2017-2018 Season

SDMHA is looking for a Risk Manager for the 2017-2018 season.
The Risk Manager is responsible for implementing, administrating and evaluating SDMHA’s risk management program.

The following are key activities:
· A certified Hockey Canada Safety Program (HCSP)
· Become qualified in Speak Out!
· Attend the annual PCAHA risk management meeting
· Ensure a HCSP qualified person on all team rosters and attends all   on and off ice sanctioned team events
· Attend Executive meetings when requested to advise on safety and   risk items
· Contact point for Hockey Canada Injury Reports for BC Hockey
· Administer ePACT (the online player emergency contact and      medical information)
· Ensure team HCSP meeting with parents at start of the season
· Manage and facilitate complaints and meetings (player, coach,  non-SDMHA)
· Perform annual Delta arena inspections (SDRC, LLC and Tilbury)
· Support SDMHA administrator for other risk related activities. For   example, Criminal Record Checks.

BC Hockey recently held a webinar outling the role of the risk manager:

If you have any questions please email our current Risk Manager, Scott Emsley, at . If you are interested in the role please email our administrator, Tracey Derrheim, at .