Lessons from Behind the Glass

As part of the Sportsmanship Starts in the Stands program, BC Hockey has partnered with the Vancouver Canucks and author of Lessons From Behind the Glass, Allyson Tufts, to create a video series of “lessons” to continue to promote sportsmanship and positivity in the stands.

Here is the link to the promo video along with the links to the first five videos in the series. A great watch for all parents!

Video #1 – Don’t force your passion, your child will find their own


Video #2 – Leave your Baggage at Home


Video #3 – Parents see Hockey through a Different Set of Eyes


Video #4 – Before you yell at your child for their performance on the ice, take a look at your Conduct in the Stands


Video #5 – Raise a “GOOD PERSON” who loves to play hockey, not just a “GOOD HOCKEY PLAYER”