SDMHA and ePACT for 2016/17 Season

In our continuing effort to enhance player safety, SDMHA will use ePACT again for the 2016/17 season!

As a reminder, ePACT is a highly secure network that allows us to efficiently collect emergency information online and communicate in an emergency. 

Here’s how it works:

·        Each player’s family will receive an email invitation to use ePACT.
·        Returning players: Log in to your existing ePACT account for an extremely quick process!                  
The information you entered last year will pre-populate, and you will have a chance to add or edit          details.
·        Families new to ePACT: Accept this invite and create an account.
·        Enter/confirm your child’s information, then securely share this information with                              SDMHA providing coaches/managers access to this information.
·        You can update ePACT anytime during the season, and we will automatically be alerted                  
(e.g. add a new cell phone or new emergency contact, and we receive that update).

ePACT and SDMHA Risk Manager Support

Have questions or technical problems regarding ePACT? Please contact or call 1-855-773-7228 to speak with ePACT’s Customer Success team.

All other questions and concerns please contact Scott Emsley directly at

Thank you,
Scott Emsley
SDMHA Risk Manager